Christopher Columbus & The Spaniards

Indian genocide in the Caribbean

1492: Christopher Columbus “discovers America”. Population of the Americas = 100 million; Europe: 70 million.

1493: Columbus plans to plunder Haiti. Slavery is popular around the world, including Indian on Indian, African on African, and European on European enslavement.

1494: African traders visiting Brazil influence Portugal to insist on moving the Pope’s “line of demarcation” further west in the Treaty of Tordesillas.

1495: On March 24, Columbus sets out to conquer the Arawaks. He brings 200 soldiers, 20 cavalry and many weapons, including hunting dogs that tear the Indians apart. Mothers flee in horror, leaving their babies on the ground. The Spaniards mow down the Indians, killing (“with God’s aid”) even those who tried to flee. Slave raids then round up 1500 Arawaks – 500 are selected; 300 survive the trip to Spain. Another 500 are kept as slaves on the island. The Indians run and run far away. Some flee to Cuba, only to be pursued there. Columbus is excited about how many slaves he can ship. The Spanish destroy the Indian culture and ecosystem. All gold mining and no farming leads to malnutrition. Rabbits and livestock ravage the countryside. Disease is rampant.

1496: The population of Haiti is down from 8 million to 1.1 million in just 5 years.

1501: The Portuguese learn by example, doing the same to Labrador’s Beothuk Indians.

1502: The gold tribute system, as described by Columbus’ son Ferdinand: “The Indians are required to pay tribute to the Catholic sovereigns every 3 months. Anyone over 13 years of age must pay a large hawk’s bell of gold dust or 25 pounds of cotton. When an Indian pays his tribute, he gets a token that he must wear around his neck as proof of payment. Any Indian found without a token is punished”. With a fresh token, an Indian is safe for 3 months, which is mostly devoted to collecting more gold. The punishment for having an expired token is getting your hands cut off”. All of these gruesome facts come straight from the horse’s mouth – Columbus, his men, and Indian history. The tribute system in Haiti breaks down since it’s impossible for the Indians to satisfy the Spaniards’ demands. Tribute is replaced by the encomienda system. Entire Indian villages are granted to certain men or groups to govern as they please. Conquistadors replicate this system in Mexico, Peru and Florida. Both systems lead to major depopulation. Mass suicide is deemed preferable to this life of slavery. Women stop having babies, abort those conceived, and kill those born to save them from such a horrible life. Indians impale themselves, drink poison, jump off cliffs, and hang themselves in an orgy of suicide. We have seen how textbooks lionize Columbus, even though he’s a piece of shit. Of course they’re lying to you about all these other historical “heroes”? It’s not just a matter of the heroes being seven feet tall. It’s that they were evil. Yet children are taught to idolize them. It’s sick. Historians have an agenda in cahoots with the evil powers that oppress the people of the world.

1516: Native population of Haiti: 12,000

1518-1534: Blacks and Indians band together in Haiti for the first large-scale slave revolt, with the Spanish of course winning in the end. The island is so well pacified that Spanish convicts, given a second chance on Haiti, could “go anywhere, take any woman or girl, take anything, and have the Indians carry him on their backs as if they were mules”. Portugal, France, Holland and Britain were no less brutal in their conquests of the Americas. It’s not about nationality, but the power / domination mind set.

1542: Haiti’s native population is now just 200.

1550: Haiti was prosperous, its people lacking nothing. Then they were laid waste, inhabited only by animals and birds. Many thousands of pigs descended from Columbus’ original 8 pigs that ran rampant.

1555: The native Haitian population is 0! All 8 million wiped out in just 64 years.

1891: War, deculturation and illness have reduced overall native populations 98% to 250,000 Indians, down from 15 million in 1499. This is genocide by UN standards.

1915: The US invades Haiti and installs their man as president The US dissolves the Haitian legislature when it refuses to declare war on Germany. Then they write a new, less democratic constitution. The referendum passes 98,225 to 768. While he talks democracy from one side of his mouth, President Woodrow Wilson imposes US hegemony upon Haiti. The island used to have individual ownership of small parcels of land. The US attacks and creates large plantations. US soldiers then force peasants in shackles into work crews.

1963: Many had reached the Americas before Columbus. If not for him, someone else would have made the “official discovery” soon thereafter. Nevertheless, Columbus Day is proposed by Rep Roland Libonati, who invokes “Turkish marauders preying upon Christian traders”. The truth: Turks and Moors allowed Jews and Christians freedom of worship and trade at a time when European Christians were expelling and torturing Muslims and Jews. It was the Portuguese fleet that blocked the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf to stop trade along the old route. Portugal controlled the new route around Africa.

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